Vibha Sharma

Senior working professional in a reputed firm.Live,love and let live,my philosophy of life.Inside I am a complete nautanki who dreams all weird things.But secretly I do trust intense desires are our real dreams and sooner or later they do come true.Mine are just on track,hope to encounter them subtly soon.

Voice of Vibha Sharma

A Subtle Bold Change : The Transforming India

Gone are the days when in our country a few only knew during school which profession they would jump into after college.

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Conquer The Demons Inside You. True Self Lies Beneath!

I am ready to start my whole new beginning again. Unaware where I shall reach but I will tread this path.

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I Live With My Love But I Lost My Lover

I believe that love is a feeling which blossoms with a cumulative growth mutually, once you water it, as the seeds once sown always remain there.

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