Vibha Sharma

Senior working professional in a reputed firm.Live,love and let live,my philosophy of life.Inside I am a complete nautanki who dreams all weird things.But secretly I do trust intense desires are our real dreams and sooner or later they do come true.Mine are just on track,hope to encounter them subtly soon.

Voice of Vibha Sharma

Avni Waiting At The Window

She needs no relations. She is all in herself happy. Talking to these many known unknown faces she is living her life.

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I Always Thought I Would Never Become ‘Too Busy’ Like My Mother…

A young girl hates her A young girl hates her mother's 'lack of attention' growing up; only to understand her situation when she steps into motherhood herself.

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Instead Of Seasonal Joy, Look At All The Joy Each Season Brings!

From the chill of winter mornings, to eating ice creams in hot summer afternoons, to the smell of wet earth in the rains, here's to loving each season for the joys it brings.

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A Subtle Bold Change : The Transforming India

Gone are the days when in our country a few only knew during school which profession they would jump into after college.

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Conquer The Demons Inside You. True Self Lies Beneath!

I am ready to start my whole new beginning again. Unaware where I shall reach but I will tread this path.

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I Live With My Love But I Lost My Lover

I believe that love is a feeling which blossoms with a cumulative growth mutually, once you water it, as the seeds once sown always remain there.

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