A Subtle Bold Change : The Transforming India

Gone are the days when in our country a few only knew during school which profession they would jump into after college.

Our country is transforming…in myriad ways. If we start with infrastructure, it is popular to watch high-class flyovers, metros, skyscrapers, five lanes, bridges and et al.

These have become a part of our lifestyle now. If we observe attires and dressing styles. We would find people donning anything of their choice. Less is thought of as earlier. A sense of freedom has subtly crept into our minds. Liberation may be. Or flexibility with self and others. Even societal rules have transformed. Live-in, love marriages, single parent, divorce are not looked down upon.

Have you noticed the plethora of gyms and fitness centres mushrooming around? People have become much more conscious of their physical fitness in a race to probably achieve and deliver more. Even food habits. Corn flakes and oats have fastened their place in the monthly grocery shopping list for most Indian household these days.

But amidst all these visible transformations there is another revolution silently advancing its mark. Children grooming and education.

A lot many of we shall agree that a decade back, engineering and medical were the only fields looked upon by all for yielding a secure future. Soon after the MBA was in vogue. No matter what you have done in your school, no matter which field are you from. You pursue an MBA and you fit anywhere to get a secured job. But things have evolved differently past few years. I happened to pick today’s local newspaper only to find my neighbour’s daughter winning a swimming competition and selected for the national level.

I wonder to find so many kids attending variegated classes like karate, skating, badminton, painting, theatre, dancing etc right from quite early ages. And the most noticeable change is evident with the present day parents who have tied the harness of decorating dreams in whatever field the kids want into. The days are not far when India would see a lot more writers, swimmers, artists, painters, mountaineers, coders, sportspersons and what not. The list goes quite long.

I really keep my fingers crossed to see the change that this generation with diverse professional acumen shall bring in to the society. Gone are the days when in our country a few only knew during school which profession they would jump into after college. Today the scenario has changed. A child is being trained or given the platform right from childhood. And this would surely help him or her reap successful results later. The most important factor will be this generation will be contended with their profession as the same was cherished from their roots. They savoured it right from their early ages. Which is also bound to shine their expertise in their particular field. I really hope to see a better professional India in future.

A version of this was first published here.

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