A story teller, a listener and an eager learner. I believe that the world is a story book, each person has a story to unravel, enthusiastic to meet new people and get a sneak peek into their realm. I work as an Assistant Professor at Presidency College, Kempapura, Bangalore.

Voice of ushasri

The Albatross

Can an anchor be your support, or does it weigh you down?

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All That They Wanted Was To Keep Their Child Alive

But after a day Naina had felt moody and had sensed that the same tablet would make her feel better. She’d paid Kaku again and had gotten the tablet.

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The New Wave

Listening to the story of this transgender woman, Sundari, was an an honour, Mili realised. She felt thankful to Sundari for the opportunity given to her. Mili was jolted out of her reverie by the rap – tap on the window glass of the car. She looked sideways sheepishly at Sundari. It was the regular […]

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The Case Of Maya

Maya was too stung for words to make way, she was 16 and understood every syllable of the underlying unspoken words. Her new look no longer fancied her and she rushed to her room.

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“You’re A Woman, Your First Duty Is Towards Your Husband And In-Laws”

"You had loved the same 'frankness' now you call 'audacity', the free spirit you call 'lack of culture'. I haven't changed, nor will I. I have only one life and want no regrets of not leading it my way."

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An introspective poem on what the real self is. 

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