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What Is ‘Being Free’? And Can A Woman Ever Really Be Free?

Posted: November 8, 2020

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What is being free? What will set us free? What do we believe in if even an education cannot set us free? 

These hands that scrub utensils
Once wished to hold pencils
They said “You’ll be free”

This womb which is now a mother
Once dreamt of school and felt light as a feather
It said “You’ll be free”

The mind which thinks of mouths to feed
Once searched in books the life I’d lead
It said “You’ll be free”

This back now bent with the beatings I bore
Once was proud of the school satchel it wore
It said “You’ll be free”

These legs that fled from the beast
Once ran eagerly towards the school’s feast
They said “You’ll be free”

Through the nook, I see those slender fingers
With suavity on the mouse, it lingers
I think “Oh, they are free”

I see in my madam hope and power
I think she’s never seen the life of one lower
I think “A woman, yet free”

I think it’s her life she’s the creator
A happy story and she’s the narrator
I think “She’s lucky to be free”

Until I saw her fall from grace
When he struck every day on her face
I now think “Is she free?”

Now I say woman it’s not fate
You need courage sooner than late
I now say “Courage sets us free”

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Image source: a still from the film Thappad

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