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Sweta Pal

Bookworm, feminist, foodie--not particularly in that order. Twitter: @sweta_pal89

Voice of Sweta Pal

Can We Stop Using Rape As A Plot Device?

Rape is a horrendous crime against women. Can we just stop using rape as a plot device to define the good and evil among the men in our movies?

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I Am A Hypocrite. Are You?

When feminist ideals clash with the ground realities, do we all become hypocrites? This piece about the safety of women will hit too close to home, and hard.

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Fashion Shoot Tries To Glamourise Rape. Thankfully, Does Not Get Away With It

How exactly is a glamorous photo shoot depicting rape, going to promote the cause of combating violence against women?

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Have No Idea What Feminism Is? Stop Perpetuating False Ideas About It!

You can certainly choose not to be a feminist, but learn what feminism is before distancing yourself from it?

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Why I Love Being A Feminist

Feminism means different thing to different people. This personal insight into Feminism is thoughtful, and urges one to rethink their stances!

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