Sukanya Samy

I am a marketing professional and love looking for new ideas and creative implementation techniques. But it is WORDS that are my passion - I think I have the ability to see patterns and express that in writing and I have been doing that since childhood. A self professed efficient multi-tasker, I truly believe that society should be equal and only then will we find real peace.

Voice of Sukanya Samy

For All The Women. And The Men Rooting For Their Women

There are certainly some differences between men and women. How you handle these without being hurtful is important.

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Women’s Day Might Be Over, But This Is A Conversation That We Need To Have

Many might say that the celebrations are just tokenism, but celebrating Women's Day is still very relevant. At least until true gender parity is achieved.

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It’s A Man’s World: Infact It Is Designed To Be One

This is a man's world, because we have designed it to be one. Here are a few examples, that will make you think, how almost everything is created to facilitate men.

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Blue (Men) + Pink (Women) = White (Peace)

Can a woman do everything that a man can? Do we have to? Can we not accept that we are different and thus, celebrate the diversity?

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