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Sudha Sekar

Voice of Sudha Sekar

Working mom
Hey Society, I Have A Question For You — Can’t A Woman Be A Good Mother And Excel In Career?

Organizations need to develop policies that are women-friendly if they do not want to lose out on the talented women who are assets to the organization. 

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People Ridiculed And Branded Me A Tomboy!

My 'tomboy' behaviour was called a passing phase till I finally came out and identified myself as a non-binary, gender-fluid person.

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No Single Women Allowed Here; Accommodation For Families Only!

We educate our daughters, make them financially independent, and able to leave abusive marriages. But when they go to rent a home, they face discrimination as single women and considered a liability.

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Cooking Is Said To Be Therapeutic And Emotionally Rewarding; Is It True?

Cooking can be therapeutic and calming. It can be laborious and tedious. Cooking is different for different people. We need to look at various experiences without dismissing any. 

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Is A Career Returnship The Key To Re-launching Your Career?

A career returnship may be just what you need, if you are all set to re-embark on your career after a hiatus and want to slip back into the work world.

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A Mother Vs. Her Own Identity – The Indian Mom’s Constant Dilemma

After becoming a mom, a woman is seen only as that - a mother and nothing else. Let her be both - her own person and a mother!

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Molecules Of Optimism

It is but true that these small things keep us going in the most unexpected challenging times!

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