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Benefits Mindful Walking: How To De-Stress This Hectic Life?
Benefits Of Mindful Walking: How To De-Stress This Hectic Life?

Have you ever wondered how does Mindful Walking work? Worry not, here as easy guide that will help you start your journey!

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A house Is Made Of Bricks, A home Is Made Of Love And Dreams!
A house Is Made Of Bricks, A home Is Made Of Love And Dreams!

Renu continued nonetheless, “But our betiya Sanju and Dinu have spoken several times over the phone, they like each other’s pictures, and the horoscopes match well — what more can one ask for?”

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Parenting Should Be Shared Equally between Both Parents
Parenting: Should Be Shared Equally between Both Parents

Do not fathers have equal responsibility in making preparations for the arrival of the child, which includes buying dresses, stocking food items etc? Is it only the mother’s job?

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fat acceptance
When A Stranger Asked Me ‘Have You Put On Weight?’ So Much Fat Phobia!

We as a society have so much in-built fat phobia that we don't hesitate to comment on others' bodies and even consider fat people lesser humans!

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When She Informed Us About The Divorce, I Said ‘Chak De Renuka Didi. We Are All With You!’

‘Yes, I am going ahead and filing a divorce.’ Renuka didi's stamina and energy level had almost diminished to the size of an apple seed. She waited anxiously for a reply.

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Working mom
Hey Society, I Have A Question For You — Can’t A Woman Be A Good Mother And Excel In Career?

Organizations need to develop policies that are women-friendly if they do not want to lose out on the talented women who are assets to the organization. 

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People Ridiculed And Branded Me A Tomboy!

My 'tomboy' behaviour was called a passing phase till I finally came out and identified myself as a non-binary, gender-fluid person.

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No Single Women Allowed Here; Accommodation For Families Only!

We educate our daughters, make them financially independent, and able to leave abusive marriages. But when they go to rent a home, they face discrimination as single women and considered a liability.

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Cooking Is Said To Be Therapeutic And Emotionally Rewarding; Is It True?

Cooking can be therapeutic and calming. It can be laborious and tedious. Cooking is different for different people. We need to look at various experiences without dismissing any. 

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Is A Career Returnship The Key To Re-launching Your Career?

A career returnship may be just what you need, if you are all set to re-embark on your career after a hiatus and want to slip back into the work world.

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A Mother Vs. Her Own Identity – The Indian Mom’s Constant Dilemma

After becoming a mom, a woman is seen only as that - a mother and nothing else. Let her be both - her own person and a mother!

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Molecules Of Optimism

It is but true that these small things keep us going in the most unexpected challenging times!

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