A house Is Made Of Bricks, A home Is Made Of Love And Dreams!

Renu continued nonetheless, “But our betiya Sanju and Dinu have spoken several times over the phone, they like each other’s pictures, and the horoscopes match well — what more can one ask for?”

A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams! With the smell of ghee and freshly made bajjiyas whiffing out of the kitchen, it was quite evident that something big was going to happen in the modest flat of Renu’s.

“Hey Renu, where are you?” enquiring thus, Mohan entered the kitchen.

Renu replied in an excited voice,“Here I am!” Yeah, the bride seeing ceremony of their only daughter Sanjana was about to happen in an hour’s time — the whole household was all decked up for the happy occasion.

“Why did you take the trouble of making everything at home? We can certainly order some items from the Mithai-wala on the next street. The items there are delicious, and the quality is also very good. Making these items is pretty laborious and painstaking—not to mention time-consuming as well—” continued Mohan.

“Not at all Mo— after all, they are our ‘sambandis’ [in-laws] and Dinesh — our ‘son-in-law.” Renu replied.

“Now, now, now, not so soon — marriage has yet to take place —” Mohan chided.

Renu continued nonetheless, “But our betiya Sanju and Dinu have spoken several times over the phone, they like each other’s pictures, and the horoscopes match well — what more can one ask for?”

“But, Renu — what about their expectations from us? Sanju being our only child, they may be expecting a lot from us—”

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Before Mohan could complete the sentence, Renu intervened, “— No, Mo, I have already told you that Dinu in one of his conversations mentioned to Sanju that all that his family want is a good girl and nothing more — no expectations whatsoever.”

Sanju entered the scene dressed in a simple salwar suit that was ‘appropriate’ for the visit of Dinu and his family — looking very elegantly beautiful. ”Papa, don’t you get worried — Dinu’s mother Radhika aunty is a wonderful lady with a modern outlook. Dinu told me that his parents are coming home to finalize the marriage date, preparations etc.” A bubbly Sanju remarked.

Feeling somewhat satisfied, Mohan moved on with his work.


Soon began, the ‘bride-seeing’ ceremony.

Everyone seemed happy, Sanju’s parents and relative and Dinesh’s parents were having discussions on several topics —  “Why did you make so many items at home, Renu? It was not really necessary; a few snacks from outside would have been sufficient— But I am of course enjoying each and every preparation of yours.” Radhika continued, “Now shall we meet Sanju?”

Soon, Sanju walked in and stood poised and smiling. She looked an epitome of grace and beauty. “Come betiya, sit here,” said Mohan, pointing to a chair next to him. Radhika smiled at her father warmly, and Dinu and Sanju exchanged quick friendly glances.

“We like your family and the children like each other. We are very clear that the marriage expenses need to be split equally among both parties. All we want is the marriage is to be performed in a befitting manner, without any pomp and show and wastage in terms of food, decoration, DJ etc.” Finally, spoke the boy’s father, Ramesh.

“Shall we go ahead and fix the Muhurat [auspicious time] date?” asked Sanju’s mama.

“Just a minute, before all this, would like to discuss something in private,” continued Radhika.

“Sure, already Sanju and Dinu have spoken over the phone — let them discuss whatever they want. Sanju, you and Dinu go to the rooms upstairs.”

“No, Mohanji, I would like to discuss something with Renu.” With a quizzical look on his face, “Go ahead, please,” said he.

“Shall we, Renu?” enquired Radhika.

Renu walked ahead of Radhika “Sure, why not?”

They both walked into the adjoining room and Radhika softly closed the door behind them. Renu was on pins and could not contain her curiosity, as things were going on smoothly till now. What would Radhika like to talk about? Thoughts started riding on a roller coaster.


Suddenly, Renu was pulled out of her thoughts, “Yeah, Radhika.”

“Dinu is my only son and always his happiness and welfare is our priority… Hence, would like to clarify certain points”

“Do come out with whatever you want to ask. Sanju is our only daughter and hence similar thoughts are running in our minds too. We want to see her well settled in life; living peacefully and happily.”

Radhika continued, “Yeah, parents of both sides wish for it. But ‘alas’ some small reason is enough for a flare up to take place, and ultimately it leads to the breakup of a marriage.

Why is this lady talking thus at this point of time, when we are thinking about a Muhurat date, thought a ‘troubled’ Renu.

“Please do not mistake me, Renu. It is a fact today; your daughter and my son have grown in different family environments. As life progresses, there may be several unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, tiffs, suspicions about each other’s behaviour etc. which may be blown out of proportions. It is for us elders to tell them about the ups and downs of married life and not teach them to compete with each other, but tell them that marriage is all about GIVE and TAKE.”

“Of course Radhika! She is our daughter and as a mother I will try my best to strengthen her marriage ties. That is a mother’s wish and duty as well. It is in the interest of children that the mother does not interfere in their day-to-day affairs and adopts the ‘laissez-faire’ attitude towards her children’s families.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Renu. Marriages break up for very flimsy reasons. ‘DIVORCE’ is not very uncommon these days. I constantly hear from my contacts that the girl’s mother plays a major role in this. Please don’t take it personally. It is just a general talk in several social circles. Anyhow, we do not want anything to go wrong with the marriage of our children. I am happy that both of us have similar views regarding this. I also assure you that I would definitely try to make my son understand if he is at fault and will not allow your daughter to suffer because of his wrong ideas, as I would love to make her a good friend of mine.”

“With understanding mothers like us, I only hope and pray that everything works out smoothly, Radhika.”

Both the ladies smiled at each other and opened the door and entered the hall. The people assembled there had an anxious look on their faces and were waiting to hear the outcome of their conversation. The expression on their faces meant, what could have transpired between these two ladies behind closed doors!

“Well, we have clarified whatever we wanted to. Now go ahead and fix up the Muhurat date,” said the ladies. Everyone’s face brightened up, and they heaved a sigh of relief.

Yes, the wedding was coming up soon. “What did you two discuss?” asked Ramesh.

“Will tell you later on,” replied Radhika mischievously.

“Let’s dive straight into the arrangements for the D-Day,” said a thoroughly relieved Mohan.

Image source: Ankuar Kumar Via Pexels, edited on CanvaPro

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