Sonnal Pardiwala

Blogger, Teacher, Spiritual Healer. Endeavors to establish Women's dignity by effective assertion and active blogging. Compassion, assertiveness, re-invention of self keeps her going. A quadragenarian, who is amused at everything in life! Author of the book FAN FOR THE FIRST TIME that made to the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2016 as the blog to book fanfic in India.

Voice of Sonnal Pardiwala

Let’s Not Allow Perverts Get Away With Groping Because Of Our Feeling Of Shame

I'm raging at the man who simply groped and strode away, confident that I would not do anything. I was 16. 

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allout child
If I Was The #ToughMom In The All Out Ad, This Is How I’d React!

What if we 'fixed' the problematic messaging of the All Out ad? This author describes what she'd have done differently if she was in the #ToughMom's place.

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Kangana Ranaut Is That Fearless Foe Who Dares The World To Try Its Worst

If you want to hold your breath this week and suck in the air with the sheer gumption of it, watch the 'One Woman Army' called Kangana Ranaut on Aap Ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma.

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“Eid Mubarak, Ye Le Teri Eidi” – Giving When It Truly Matters

Can you transcend the barriers of religion to give Eidi when it truly counts? Let's be human first!

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Can I Sleep Alone? A Woman Wishes On Women’s Day

A poignant short story on a woman's wishes on Women's Day - a little space is all she asks for. Is that too much?

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Why Dangal Is A Much Needed Movie For Indian Cinema

Dangal is a much-needed breath of fresh air in Indian cinema with its ageing heroes romancing young heroines.

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your inner self
How You Can Get In Touch With Your Inner Self In The Noise Of Social Media All Around Us!

In today's hyper-sharing world, you sometimes need to step back, detach from the drama, and get in touch with your inner self, if you want to remain sane.

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I Want Freedom From Social Expectations. Why Can’t People Just Let Me Be?

We wish to have freedom from social expectations, to not have to bother about others' opinions of you. How practical is it? And what can you do?

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Want To Ensure Your Wife Or Mother Gets Her Share Of Rest? Then You Need To #ShareTheWorkDaily

'Letting' her take rest on a Sunday is not enough. Housework, is, after all, everyone's responsibility. #ShareTheWorkDaily

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