Shweta Verma

Shweta Verma is currently pursuing her masters in Mathematics from University of Delhi.

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Safoora Zargar
How Does Safoora Zargar’s Marital Status While Pregnant Become Anyone Else’s Business?

Trolls slut shaming under-custody Safoora Zargar for her pregnancy have no business doing it; whether she is married or not while being pregnant is nobody's business.

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After A Long Cold Winter, She Was The Colour Of The Sun – Bright And Warm

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and looked at Nibha. Nibha was filled with hope. Her face shone like the rays her face absorbed in the morning.

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Colours of the Sun

I will not let them snatch my colours, not anyone's. These are my colours and will be mine always. A poignant journey of inner strength to fight the right battle.

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“I Never Eat With Them” – What’s Feeding Our Children With Such Prejudice?

We stay mute in the real world when we encounter prejudice and hatred. How do we expect our children to grow up well?

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Women’s Essential Needs Remain Ignored In Pandemic Times, Just Like They Always Are!

Who thinks about how women are affected, what their issues are, what their essentials are when people are dying of COVID-19, right? Why should the government and media bother?

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Justice Was Served, But We Need To Go Far Beyond Celebrating The Death Of Nirbhaya’s Killers

As Nirbhaya's killers were hanged, this day of justice could have been more meaningful if instead of celebrating, people did something for other victims

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What Happens To Women Is So Horrifying That Rape Has Begun To Seem Like A ‘Small’ Crime

Over the past decade, crime against women has taken on such horrifying proportions and nuances, that women have now started becoming suspicious of everything.

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