I am an individual looking for ways to express myself. With every path and action of living, this undercurrent exists. Nature- both human and environment are my main focus of expressions. With an opinion about most of the things around me, the intense urge to write comes from within. When I am done over thinking on the subject, I put my idea to rest in ink! My blog

Voice of Shubha

The mother -daughter trip....
The mother -daughter trip….

A July Sunday morning.. drenched in rain and laziness. I whispered into her ears… “lets go to Shive, its raining..”  She smiled and said okay. A 1 hour 15 minutes away drive to a small piece of farm land we have bought is our favourite get away from the fast paced city. On a monsoon day […]

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Wordy… Or Unwordy…

While we use words to describe life experiences, some are simply beyond words. Are these two separate paradigms?

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The Grey Men Who Have Preyed On Women All Their Lives

Have you ever met elderly men who feel 'like a father'? Until their hands make a move in the wrong direction? This is a story of realising that people have many grey shades to them, beyond what is immediately visible.

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So What Do You Really Mean When You Say You Love Someone?

Is love really a once in a lifetime thing? What, exactly, do you mean when you say you love someone? And is it possible to love more than one person?

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What Doing Yoga Taught Me About Healing. And About Myself

Doing yoga regularly can do wonders for you body and mind. Here is the author's journey with yoga, toward healing herself.

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