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Hi there, happy to connect. I am a mom, a software engineer, a content writer, a fitness trainer, a yoga practitioner, and an explorer of the best wellness practices of both modern science and our ancient rich culture, drawing inspiration from everyday life and people. Connect with me @ [email protected] I intent to bring together my collection of thoughts, ideas, expressions, experiences, rituals, researches that guide me in my quest to enrich my mind ,body and spirit. I welcome you to share this journey with me. Please stay connected and keep spreading your light.

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10 Point Toolkit For Boosting Immunity To Fight COVID & Other Infections

A healthy body has a healthy immune system. Here are some tips for boosting immunity to stay safer during COVID, and from most infections.

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sleep deprivation
How Sleep Deprivation That Most Women Face Can Mess With Your Mind And Body

Sleep deprivation can cause a host of issues - irritable moods, low energy levels, compromised immunity, and weight gain, along with more dangerous ones.

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Fork in the path
Understand ‘Hyperbolic Discounting’ To Hack Your Way Into Making Better Decisions!

Hyperbolic discounting? What's that? If you're that person who keeps postponing good habits "for tomorrow", you'll appreciate this hack to help break the pattern. 

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Woman, in Child's Pose
Fitness Newbie? This Easy At-Home Core Workout Plan Gets You Going!

Stuck at home and keen on working on your fitness? We have a beginner-friendly core workout plan, just for you! You don't need any extra equipment!

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Go.. Fly My Child!

You may not know where you are going,but as long as you spread your wings,the winds will carry you ...

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You. Are. Beautiful.

You. Are. Beautiful.❤️ What’s the most beautiful thing about you?Your eyes, your hair, your skin, your laughter?Or is it your style, your branded clothes or your car? What do you think you are admired the most for?What makes you smile with pride when you look in the mirror? Let’s do this.Let’s look in the mirror.Let’s […]

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