Go.. Fly My Child!

You may not know where you are going,but as long as you spread your wings,the winds will carry you ...

“I am scared”, said the little kid.
“What are you scared of?”, asked the dad.

The little one sighed,”I have no idea of what the world out there is like. I really don’t have a clue, and that’s what scares me. “

“I agree, no one will ever have a clue of what’s going to happen next.”, smiled the Dad.

“Really?!! That’s all you have to say about it? No pep talk or anything that can make me feel better ?!!” , the little one looked at his dad in disbelief.

“That, my son, is the ultimate truth of life. No one has a clue of what the future holds. The only thing you can do is choose how you look at it. Each moment, you can either be excited of what’s going to happen next, or succumb to your fears and live in misery…none of which is the real truth. The world is going to a heaven or a hell depending on what you expect it to be. The rest that unfolds , is simply a story that you get to witness and take part in…”

The little one finally understood.
And with that, it spread it’s wings and took the first flight !

The little bird finally flew from its nest …into the unknown .

You may not know where you are going,
but as long as you spread your wings,
the winds will carry you …

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