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You. Are. Beautiful.

Posted: March 14, 2020

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You. Are. Beautiful.❤️

What’s the most beautiful thing about you?
Your eyes, your hair, your skin, your laughter?
Or is it your style, your branded clothes or your car?

What do you think you are admired the most for?
What makes you smile with pride when you look in the mirror?

Let’s do this.
Let’s look in the mirror.
Let’s look deep within, beyond what’s visible.

Do you remember when your heart was racing and you were scared, yet you did it and won against your inner demons? That’s beautiful.

Do you remember when you knew you were tired, yet you pushed yourself to do better? That’s beautiful.

Do you remember when you made a mistake and fell, and yet you caught yourself and moved forward? That’s beautiful.

Do you remember when someone broke your trust, yet you went out of your way to be help someone else in need? That’s beautiful.

Do you remember the time when you worked hard, loved someone unconditionally, stood your ground bravely, endured the pain with resilience, supported someone with kindness and empathy ? That’s beautiful.

Remember all those times, remember that beauty is but skin deep, remember you are more than what’s visible to your eye…


You. Are. Beautiful. ❤️

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