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Shampa Moitra

An Edupreneur , who loves kids.. loves working for.. with and on kids... An artist at heart who enjoys the colours n shades of life n everything around..

Voice of Shampa Moitra

Child’s Play Or Cause For Alarm?

These days she often goes with uncle to play in the toy room or in the empty room at the end of the corridor.

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dealing with child sexual abuse in India
A Quick Overview Of All You Need To Know For Dealing With Child Sexual Abuse In India

April is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Here is everything you need to know to deal with child sexual abuse in India - a heinous crime against innocence.

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How To Assess The Safety Standards Of A School

Learning, methodology, pedagogy, results, grooming, development, fee..all are important factors no doubt about it, but MOST important is the safety of our kids.

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