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Everywhere I’ve Seen That Men Eat Their Fill And It’s Just Leftovers For Women

How about overturning this routine? What happens if women eat first and walk away? What happens if a woman eats the best-looking roti and serves burnt roti to her husband?

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Why Are Childhood And Youth Considered The Best Periods In Our Life?

Women hate being called "Aunty". What's wrong with being called an Aunty? Is it a bad word? It is much better than leering glances from strangers.

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Women And Patriarchy

They cannot fight the system. So they find validation in joining the system. Upholding traditions which subjugate women. It's their own way of sweet revenge.

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Is Getting Married And Then Having Kids An Effective Cure For Loneliness?

Marriage, for women often, is a never-ending saga of adjustment. First, adjust with the husband and in-laws. And then the child!

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I’m Fine, You’re Fine: Our Double Standards Around Mental Health

Do we really understand that Depression can happen to anyone of us? Most of us still evade this uncomfortable discussion.

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Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Is A Confusing Series That Believes Women Can Only Be Happy With A Man

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai may be made by a team of women, however, the series panders to all stereotypes related to women and had me utterly confused!

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We Need To Stop Believing That Men Are ‘Superior Beings’ For Society To Change!

Are men really 'superior beings'? It seems like society has told us to believe so for far too long and silenced women in the process.

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“Women And Finance Don’t Mix” – It’s Time To Drop This Myth Today!

Women and finance have an uneasy relationship. It's time we changed that - beginning with financial literacy for girls and young women.

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