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Sansthita Chattopadhyay

Voice of Sansthita Chattopadhyay

Why Divyanga Trivedi’s Video Wasn’t Just Insensitive But Incredibly Misinformed And Problematic!

Divyanga Trivedi may have become famous for her video on why she isn't a feminist. But this is why her videos were insensitive and misinformed.

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Bigg Boss 14
Why Bigg Boss Should Be Banned Now, In Pandemic Times

We have enough violence happening in homes and outside in this pandemic related lockdown. Should we have more of it as Bigg Boss, with its toxic masculinity model?

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Why Boycotting Sadak 2 Will Neither Herald A Revolution Nor End Nepotism

Nepotism will continue to exist as long as the films of outsiders are not watched. We don't need to boycott movies of star kids if we are willing to watch the films of outsiders.

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Why ‘Sushant Singh Paying Ankita’s EMI’ Shouldn’t Be Considered A Topic Of Discussion!

The current discussion of how Sushant Singh Rajput was 'paying the EMIs' on the flat actor Ankita Lokhande was staying in, is the latest in the mud slinging that has been happening.

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