Why ‘Sushant Singh Paying Ankita’s EMI’ Shouldn’t Be Considered A Topic Of Discussion!

The current discussion of how Sushant Singh Rajput was 'paying the EMIs' on the flat actor Ankita Lokhande was staying in, is the latest in the mud slinging that has been happening.

The current discussion of how Sushant Singh Rajput was ‘paying the EMIs’ on the flat actor Ankita Lokhande was staying in, is the latest in the mud slinging that has been happening.

So a few days ago, Internet was on fire after ANI posted a tweet.

The media was instantly rife with speculations that Sushant was paying for Ankita’s stay in his house that is, he was paying her EMI.

Aren’t these trolls missing these facts?

However, a lot of things were missed out as the keyboard warriors set to work calling Ankita a gold digger and many other things till the actress finally put out her bank statements:

We live in a very cruel world where we have to pay our own bills. If the property is registered in somebody’s name (as in this case in Rajput’s name), that person only has to pay the EMI because neighbours are definitely not going to pay his/her EMI. But trolls as usual ignored facts and became happy that they had got the opportunity to troll another woman.

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People who were in a hurry to post this tweet on their Social Media handles with tags like ‘#shocked can’t believe Ankita too’, ‘Everyone used him, crying face emojis‘, ‘Thats why Ankita was crying, now she has to pay her own EMIs ‘ and so on; didn’t notice the later part of the tweet where the phrase ‘USED TO STAY’ was given. Excitement to react caused the nullification of facts. Sad.

When Sushant and Ankita were together, they stayed in Sushant’s flat because it was a long live-in relationship, so they had to stay somewhere since roads are not the best places for live in couples. Post break up, Ankita moved out and they paid EMI for their respective houses since two houses were brought on the same day. One was in his name and the other on hers.

In other words Sushant was paying the EMI for his own house like anyone else.

Enough already! Let the man rest

Trolls really need to calm down and stop making every news headline as an opportunity to troll the women who had been in Sushant’s life. So much ado for a man paying his own bills for his own house where he and his ex girlfriend stayed four years back.

There are issues that are way more important than a grown up man paying his EMIs. In a country that remains struck with rapes, poverty and other economic issues, the issue of SSR paying his or someone else’s EMI is the last thing we should be worried about.

I rest my case.

Image source: YouTube

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