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3 Tips For Working Women: On How To Navigate Workplace Conflicts?
3 Tips For Working Women: On How To Navigate Workplace Conflicts?

In the workspace, whether you work at a large MNC or you work in a Startup, managing and navigating conflict comes with big consequences to you because of that emotional attachment to one’s viewpoint.

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teaching daughters to love themselves
4 Things You Can Do To Teach Daughters To Love Themselves

Teaching daughters to love themselves is crucial in their growing up years, because it will affect their self esteem and hence their choices in life.

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Why Women And Girls Of All Ages Should Learn Coding

We need more women to learn coding and become active builders in the online space, not just consumers of interesting material.

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Can We Please Accept Women For What They Are? Even If Their Choices Differ From Yours?

Other women's choices many differ from yours. That does not mean you should disrespect them or judge them.

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How To Deal With Failure: Here Are 7 Ways

How to deal with failure, is something we must all learn, because none of us are immune to it. Here are 7 ways that will come handy, when faced with failure.

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Let’s Talk About Sex And Sexuality With Our Daughters

It is essential for us, as mothers, to talk about sex and sexuality with our daughters. There is a need to do so, and let's not run away from it.

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Teaching Your Sons And Daughters About Healthy Relationships

Why is it so tough for us to talk about relationships to our children? Why does the word 'sexuality' a taboo? Should it be so?

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Stop The Hate! Dummies’ Guide To Feminism

Feminism has garnered a lot of hate - both online and offline. Is this hate justified? What exactly is Feminism, after all? This post has the answers!

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Finding Perfection: The Fair And Lovely Regime

Is being fair and lovely 'perfect'? if not, what is? Here's an interesting take on the fairness syndrome.

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