How To Deal With Failure: Here Are 7 Ways

How to deal with failure, is something we must all learn, because none of us are immune to it. Here are 7 ways that will come handy, when faced with failure.

How to deal with failure, is something we must all learn, because none of us are immune to it. Here are 7 ways that will come handy, when faced with failure.

With every success, you risk failure, right at the corner. No matter how successful you are, you will fail at certain things. And every time you do, for that one second, the world will actually seem to come to a stand still. Nothing will feel right.

Now, what? Well, this is what you do.


Seriously. Just sit down in a chair and breathe. Let your body calm down, let your mind settle.

Don’t listen to your brain

When we’re upset or we fail, we are our harshest critics. We tell ourselves things we wouldn’t tell our worst enemies. We are mean, obnoxious and accusatory. So don’t listen to your brain and the things it says. Shut out the criticism for your past actions (or inaction) and focus instead on your current course of action.

Avoid “what-if’s”

What has happened, has happened. As terrible, as predictable, as unpredictable as it was, ruminating isn’t going to change that. In fact, it’ll prevent you from moving on. ‘What-if’s’ are an endless trap and once you go down that path, there is only more regret. So if you can, focus on your mental well-being, and on today, not on what could have been yesterday.

Confide in someone

Success is easy to share, but failure is hard to even accept let alone share. However, when we share our thoughts and emotions we realize that failure is a part and parcel of life -that everyone fails at some point and a failure that may seem disastrous to you, may not be so terrible after all.

Go out

Don’t hide. Go out, meet people, enjoy life just as you would on any other day. Failure isn’t a punishment, it’s a learning curve. So never be ashamed of failing. Be glad you at least tried and if you can, celebrate the attempt.

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Take a break

Take a weekend off. Go to your favorite restaurant. Pick up a book and curl up with your dog. Take a mental break. Recharge. See what works for you! A weekend get away? A good book? Homemade food? New People? Find your recharge routine and put it to work.

Start over

You tried, you worked hard. You put in countless hours and yet you failed. The worst of it is over. Now start over.

Failures never stop. As a parent, as a child, as a sibling, as an entrepreneur or, whatever your roles in life be, you will be faced with failure. The trick is to not let failure stop you or break your spirit but, to recognize that failure is simply situational. Recognise that the most successful individuals have failed many times before and even during their success stories.  Also, failure doesn’t happen to those who don’t try. So chin up, you’re already ahead of the curve.

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