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Dentist, writer, corporate healthcare professional. In my earlier avatar, I taught budding dentists and published a book on my subject expertise. A ‘sabbatical’ from work to take care of my super-energetic baby girl reignited my dormant love for writing. Baby is now a toddler and a hectic corporate job [that I love!] leave little time for writing but whenever possible I blog on social, cultural issues & other simple little things of life.

Voice of Samta Mittal

Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Loss Shows Us Why We Need To Talk More About Miscarriages

Chrissy Teigen is one of the million women who suffer from miscarriage every year and yet, why is there stigma around talking about it?

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Why Has ‘Feminism’ Become One Of The Most Hated Words In Today’s World

What media portrays as feminism is a woman who smokes, drink or has casual sex. Don’t make these the cardinal signs of feminism.

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how to talk to kids about violence
How To Talk To Your Child When Terrorism Is In The News

The news is everywhere - and there is nothing you can do to stop your kids from coming to know of the violence that happens in the world. How do you talk to them and make them feel safe?

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Caged No More!

"Life should never be spent caged inside a box. Sometimes life knocks us down lower than we have ever been, before we are able to stand up again- taller- than we have ever been". When life gives you lemon, make lemonande!

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A Woman Deserves To Die If She Can’t Love A Man Back

A woman deserves to die if she can’t love a man back. Sounds absurd, doesn't it? Well not to Mr. Karan 'Liberal' Johar who killed off a female character for daring to reject a man.

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Dear Daughter, I Don’t Want You To Grow Up A Pampered Princess

Life can be hard, this mom tells her daughter, and I want you to become tough enough to be able to take it head-on, not be a pampered princess. 

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Stop Judging Moms Who Take A ‘Different’ Path To Motherhood As Not ‘Worthy’ Enough!

The only mother we respect is she who has given birth 'normally' to a biological child, in a socially approved marriage. Other mothers are deemed not 'worthy' enough.

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Crime Against Women: Begin By Teaching Boys To Take ‘No’ For An Answer

Many crimes are being committed against women by the men. Do most of them happen because men just can't take a no for an answer? 

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Cooking For The First Time In My MIL’s Kitchen, I Almost Burnt It Down!

This is a true account of what happened on my first day in the kitchen after my wedding, when I accidentally almost set fire to it! 

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real women on TV
Dolled Up Bahus & Devious MILs – But Where Are The Real Women?

At least in the early days of cable TV, we had some real women on TV, with shades of grey. What we get now are unrealistic cardboard cutouts that are nothing but stereotypes.

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