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We Have To Get Out Of Here. Else We Die!

The sisters tried to unfasten the rope around them. After a few attempts Mira successfully uncoiled the rope. Tara was free now. But it was getting increasingly difficult to breathe for both of them.

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How Can You Support #MeToo? By Avoiding These 5 Insensitive Situations

Does it feel like you are just watching the #MeToo movement from a distance? No, you too have a role to play, and here's how you can show support #MeToo in your daily life.

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pink is not her colour
Pink Is Not Her Colour!

And then she heard her aunt talking about her to her mother, "But didi, you should have told her. Pink is not her colour. It doesn't look good on her."

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how the world sees you
Walk Tall, And That’s How The World Sees You! [#ShortStory]

And now here she was, in front of the mirror, wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry her mother gave her, her confidence. The confidence to be herself.

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Beyond [#ShortStory]

But there are women who dare to go beyond the conventional, beyond the limits, beyond the possible, beyond the permissible. And that defines their potential.

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women deserve to take time out
Newsflash! Women Deserve To Take Time Out For Themselves, Too!

Women are expected to take care of home and career, which is unfair in itself. But then these women deserve to take time out for themselves...

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adult baby
Say NO To Pampering The Adult Babies In Your Life. What Are These? Read On

Adult babies. What are they, you say? Oh, just the husband and/or in laws who expect you to wait on them just because you are married into their family!

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