Newsflash! Women Deserve To Take Time Out For Themselves, Too!

Women are expected to take care of home and career, which is unfair in itself. But then these women deserve to take time out for themselves...

Women are expected to take care of home and career, which is unfair in itself. But then these women deserve to take time out for themselves…

As a child we are taught to be obedient which precisely means to listen and follow instructions as required or requested. When we enter teenage we are taught to be respectful. And as adults we are expected to be dutiful.

Of course these instructions and expectations applies to all genders but more so if we fall under the category WOMEN. For most of us, half of our life is spent preparing ourselves to serve others for the rest of it. And this is happening generation after generation.

Times have changed. Now women are encouraged to pursue a career, manage finances and invest for the future, nurture hobbies, etc., BUT after taking care of the family. Or along with taking care of the family. And while the former is a choice, latter is mandatory.

Here I would like to point out that men too take care of their families. But for men taking care of their own means earning, providing (financially) and paying bills. Those who lend an equal helping hand to their better half are called great husband, awesome partner, loving and caring mate. While for women, it’s absolutely normal to shoulder the major responsibilities of the house irrespective of her having a career or not. If she can manage everything it’s okay she is doing just her duty. Everybody does that.

But there are certain things every woman deserves. And for the rest of the world to acknowledge, first we need to acknowledge our needs.

We deserve BREAKS from time to time

Have you ever observed that people who work continuously without a break tend to be cranky and irritable? Most men complain about their ‘nagging wife’. Why are women irate so often? Because they are overworked. Because they don’t get time to unwind. Because for most of us relaxing is a luxury we cannot afford. We have too much to accomplish all the time.

Dear ladies, please do a favour to yourself and take small breaks from time to time. Let your family manage without you for a few minutes every now and them. You deserve to hold your sanity and you deserve to relax irrespective of whether you work outside the house or not.

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We deserve to be HEARD

Yes we have a lot to say because our days are quite eventful. We multitask almost all the time. Let your spouse know that you look forward to spending time sharing your thoughts with them. Work out a plan to spend so time with each other every day. Allow your spouse to interact and share their stories too. Spend some time with friends too. Because we deserve it.


Why should we feel guilty for taking some time out exclusively for ourselves? It’s high time we understand that first we need to take care of our own self, only then we can take care of our family. Weak body and unsteady mind are incapable of raising healthy, happy kids.

So let’s go outside and get some sunshine. Let’s make new friends. Let’s shop for ourselves. Let’s bake our favorite dessert today. Let’s order our choice of food today. Let’s chase our dreams. Let’s paint our life with our favorite colours.


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