Rwituja Gomes Mookherjee

Mental Health Counsellor at Viveka Centre for Emotional Support, Relationship Coach at Brideandgloom (, Champion on the Love and Relationships community on Sheroes providing emotional support to women and helping them deal with their personal issues. I'm also a Freelance Content Writer and Mommy Blogger at Momspresso ( To read my other writings please visit

Voice of Rwituja Gomes Mookherjee

The Mother Who Felt Like The Outsider

We as humans are able to feel a gazillion feelings at once. Isn’t it amazing how we are also able to hide these from the world while living our mundane lives?

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What Have You Ever Done For Me? Apart From My Son I’m Completely Alone In This House!

He made all the arrangements for her parents to come live with them and yet they seemed so unconcerned about him. Didn’t they need him anymore?

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earning money
If Earning Money Would Bring Her Self-Respect, Then Why Wasn’t She Doing It?

Being dependent felt humiliating. She realized that earning money wasn’t only about money. It earned you respect and self-worth. #ShortStory

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As Parents, When Do We Stop Being Sexual Beings, And Become ‘Just Mom-Dad’?

It's hard for children to see their parents as sexual beings in most cases. But can the parents' own attitude also rub off? A story explores.

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that elusive hug
That Elusive Hug! [#ShortStory]

Often, she justified to herself, ‘they need you, your child needs you, without you the house would fall apart. You have to stand strong to make everything alright.’ But how?

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