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Shagun Singh Baruah’s Business Is Doing Your ‘Homework’ For You. Here’s How!

Shagun Singh Baruah identified a lack of skilled cleaning and maintenance services in the Delhi - NCR region. So she developed a service of her own, 'Homework'!

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Himali Mistry Wants To Create A World With Safer Drugs. Here’s How

At Accenture, Himali Mistry lives the challenging life she always dreamt of, balancing her passion for her work with her strength – motherhood!

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Madhuri Dixit movies
15 Madhuri Dixit Movies To Make You Nostalgic On Her Birthday Today!

An actor who is a powerhouse of talent, gorgeous drop dead looks, yet a girl next door. A bucket list of Madhuri Dixit movies to binge on.

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baby food recipes
10 Traditional Baby Food Recipes From Across India To Make It Easy For A New Mom

This Mother’s Day, new moms and old moms, even grandmoms and great-grandmoms share their tried and tested baby food recipes.

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Konkani food
Try This Delicious Konkani Food Menu The Next Time You Are Entertaining At Home!

Say Konkani cuisine, and what comes to mind is coconut, fish, and mangoes. Here's a whole buffet menu of Konkani food with a mix of veg and non-veg options.

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8 Lesser Known Benefits Of Breast Feeding You Should Know Of!

Breast feeding is not just about complete nutrition and immunity. These lesser known benefits of breast feeding are both interesting and astonishing!

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12 Indian Women In Family Businesses Forging Their Own Path With Flair

Yes, these 12 women in family businesses have had a legacy handed down to them but they are restless to make a mark of their own as well.

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This Software Can Save Hundreds Of Pregnant Women From Dying During Childbirth

This software developed by Dr. Narmadha Kuppuswamy, now in its pilot stages, could save the lives of hundreds of pregnant women.

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5 Amazing Indian Women In The Education Sector Reaching Out To Students, With A Difference

From women being kept away from an education to having some revolutionary women in the education sector in India, we have come a long way!

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Under 40 And Ruling: The 12 Women On The Fortune List 2018

12 Women under 40 featured in the Fortune India’s Brightest Young Entrepreneurs list! Inspiring, driven and follow-worthy.

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maternity break
6 Ways You Can Best Use Your Maternity Break To Stay Relevant In A ‘Non-Mommy’ World

Feeling stressed due to the loss of a 'working woman' identity as you're on a maternity break? Here's how you can help yourself cope and learn new things.

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