Himali Mistry Wants To Create A World With Safer Drugs. Here’s How

Posted: May 22, 2018

At Accenture, Himali Mistry lives the challenging life she always dreamt of, balancing her passion for her work with her strength – motherhood!

Himali was born with a condition that caused her to lose the ability to hear. However, she accepted the challenges in her life and tackled them fiercely. Not only did she complete her Masters in Pharmacy, today she works with one of the most globally sought after companies to work for – Accenture.

Himali works as a Senior Analyst in the Pharmacovigilance team and is currently living her passion at Accenture, where she is working hard to make drugs safer for everyone. To learn more about the work she does at Accenture and how an inclusive workplace supported her, watch this video below.

Accenture believes that each individual possesses unique skills and strengths; there should be no barrier to stop an individual from being themselves and achieving their highest potential .

There are many such diverse individuals working at Accenture – click here to learn more.

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Rucha Ogale, 29, is a Marketing Communication professional who is currently on a maternity break.

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