Shagun Singh Baruah’s Business Is Doing Your ‘Homework’ For You. Here’s How!

Shagun Singh Baruah identified a lack of skilled cleaning and maintenance services in the Delhi - NCR region. So she developed a service of her own, 'Homework'!

Shagun Singh Baruah identified a lack of skilled cleaning and maintenance services in the Delhi – NCR region. So she developed a service of her own, ‘Homework’!

Shagun Singh Baruah discovered an imbalance between the demand for and supply of efficient cleaning and maintenance services. That is when she decided to start her home maintenance solutions business called ‘Homework’ in 2012.

Necessity is the mother of invention. This holds true for Shagun who found that she needed more than what her domestic worker could provide, when it came to the upkeep and maintenance of her house. This is when the ex-hotelier took matters into her own hands and also decided to offer the service to other households who faced similar problems. She explains, “After spending time as a hotelier with ITC Hotels, I looked for a more flexible schedule to balance my time as a mother and a professional. Starting my own business was a natural progression in my career path and with Homework I identified my struggle as the pain point in the lives of many others!”

Homework provides complete solutions in services like upholstery cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sofa and carpet shampoo, marble floor polishing and pest control. It also takes care of spring cleaning and deep cleaning services for those who need them. Shagun has now expanded her services from just cleaning to maintenance and renovation services such as paintwork, furniture making, civil and electrical work, to full blown renovation work.

Homework also serves corporates for their office cleaning and maintenance needs. Being an ex-hotelier with ITC, Shagun understands the nuances of the service industry and the effort that goes into maintaining amicable relationships with clients and retaining their trust.

Challenges Shagun faced in this male dominated sector

It’s true that the cleaning and maintenance sector is a largely male dominated one. Shagun works with a large number of blue collared personnel and shares that getting them to listen to her was indeed a challenge in the beginning, as they were unused to taking instructions from women. But Shagun’s conviction to do a job well, her knowledge of the subject and her keen interest in her business made her employees believe in their leader. As she says, “I do believe that if you can make them see that you mean business and at the end of the day you can and will help them grow through their strengths, they do come around. No business is easy whether you are a man or a woman. Having the conviction that you are out to do something and do it well is what helps to inspire all those to work hard as well.”

Slow & steady, with referrals growing the business

Word of mouth has been their primary method of marketing and it is working well, says Shagun! She proudly boasts that 95% of her clients are through referrals which speaks volumes about how satisfied her existing customers are with regards to Homework’s services. Presently enjoying a portfolio of 3000 clients in the Delhi-NCR, Homework has now entered Bangalore to gain more customers.

Shagun is not in a hurry to expand the business rapidly. She is satisfied with the way things are – satisfied customers due to Homework’s good, reliable and timely services. Although she has entered the Bangalore market, Shagun says, “I strongly believe that if Homework can deliver good, reliable and timely services as we have done so far we will keep growing.” In other words, she believes that the work will speak for itself.

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Shagun is a woman of vision who has tapped into a growing business opportunity in India. With the will to struggle, I hope she continues to share her success stories with us in the years to come, making Homework a great brand for all who love their home!

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