Rucha Sarda

I am a chartered accountant by profession. I have tremendous interest and zeal for writing. I like to write and create an impact.

Voice of Rucha Sarda

Dear Family, My Dream Wedding Is Nothing Like Those That Bollywood Has Popularised

Letter from a practical girl who doesn't want a BIG wedding with all the bells and whistles, but a small gathering of family and friends who matter to her.

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punish the rapists
Instead Of Victim Blaming, Let’s Put An End To Rape Culture By Punishing The Rapists

Are we getting desensitized to the concept of 'rape'? Rape happens because of rapists, hence, let's stop the victim blaming and address the root cause.

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bride's farewell
A Bride’s Farewell Holds Some Questions That Need Answers

A bride's farewell at her bidai is often tearful, with myriad thoughts, doubts, and questions clustering in her mind, struggling to get some answers.

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