Dear Family, My Dream Wedding Is Nothing Like Those That Bollywood Has Popularised

Letter from a practical girl who doesn't want a BIG wedding with all the bells and whistles, but a small gathering of family and friends who matter to her.

Letter from a practical girl who doesn’t want a BIG wedding with all the bells and whistles, but a small gathering of family and friends who matter to her.

Many girls today dream of a fairytale wedding wherein there are designer outfits, swanky jewellery, fancy setups, picturesque decors,… and the list is endless. Definitely much more than just the band, baaja, baarat! (Believe me, fathers of brides, a Sabsyasachi advertisement can cost you a bomb!)

Right from the awkward pre wedding photo shoot, lights, camera and dramatic actions are on. The Anushka starrer song which is famous in weddings these days, ”Din shagna da’ should be replaced with ‘Din kharche da’.

My dream wedding is slightly different. I want a marriage, not a show business.

Ok. Before you guys freak out, I know that marriage is a once in a life time event. You have your strings and wishes attached to it, but can you for once, ask the bride and the groom about their dreams and wishes? But let me make it clear that the groom also is of the same opinion as mine. Both of us have our wish-list, and we don’t want to waste time on the guest-list.

Do you feel society will judge you if you don’t have a big wedding? Well, trust me, they will judge you anyway. In those two days of celebration, when you are spending your hard earned money, the same society is sitting and digging holes on the food you serve… So who earns out of this entire hullabaloo?

Interesting thought! A bunch of business people – the event planners, the decorators, the photographer, the choreographer and before I forget the most important of them all – the pre wedding photographer. After all, he directs the trailer of the show. Yes, a show, where screenplay, choreography and clothes come into picture. What goes on a toss are feelings, emotions and the entire feel of a wedding. If you guys would have noticed, in the main event of the wedding, i.e. exchanging of vows between the bride and the groom, there are only a very small bunch of people around them. The only ones who truly matter!

I am not propagating anti marriage stuff here. I am just against the ‘show business’ involved in it. When we get married, my fiancé and I want only those people around us who actually matter. We would prefer fulfilling our dreams by saving that extra lac of rupees.

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Hope you agree with our point of view as there will be ample duty-free shops on our way back from the honeymoon, if you know what I mean!

Yours truly,
The practical girl!

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