Rishika Thakur

I am a regular teenager with a burning desire to fight prejudice, patriarchy and any form of bullying. I love to write my thoughts and hope that they connect with someone, somewhere and make a small impact in their lives.

Voice of Rishika Thakur

My Brain Was Blocked By Anxiety In The Exam But…

Anxiety is one of the most common issues found among students on/before their exams which make them underperform. In one such incident, the author recalls how her anxiety flushed her out of her senses and how she regained it during her exams.

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Being A Girl In India Is Hard!

Being a girl in India is hard, says this teenager, growing up in a patriarchal society. But, she says, her family, where she can be herself, more than makes up for this.

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Why Gilmore Girls Is A Must Watch For Women…And Girls!

The strong headed mother daughter duo of Gilmore Girls inspire women and girls everywhere to take life head-on, without fear of judgement.

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