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Why Gilmore Girls Is A Must Watch For Women…And Girls!

The strong headed mother daughter duo of Gilmore Girls inspire women and girls everywhere to take life head-on, without fear of judgement.

The strong headed mother daughter duo of Gilmore Girls inspire women and girls everywhere to take life head-on, without fear of judgement.

Welcome to the charming little town of Stars Hollow – the small yet lively town that is sure to amuse you with its daily happenings.

Looking for a few things to do on your visit? Why not peruse through some furniture at Kim’s antiques, or grab a bite at Al’s pancake world (where ironically, they sell everything but pancakes), or stop by Luke’s diner for your daily caffeine fix, or simply plant yourself in the town gazebo which overlooks the shenanigans of this tiny crazy town? But if you really want to make the most of this visit, come see the Gilmore girls – the ultimate mother-daughter duo that practically run this charming, delightful little town.

Gilmore Girls, (an American comedy-drama television series created by Amy Sherman Palladino) follows the story of 32-year-old Lorelei Gilmore who moves to Stars Hollow at the young age of 16 with nothing but hopes of a fresh start and her newborn daughter, Rory.

Yes, she is a teenage mother and although as a society we frown upon teenage pregnancies, her story is one of grit and determination and commands respect. Lorelei raises Rory as a single mother with the help of the ever-friendly people of the little town.

Was it hard for Lorelei being a single mother at 16?

Was she scared or unsure in her resolve? Did her steps falter?

Yes, yes and yes… but, Lorelei tackles everything that life throws at her. Capable of finding the solutions to the toughest curveballs that her life throws her, the only time that Lorelei finds herself in a fix is when Rory gets accepted into the prestigious school of Chiton. Being unable to afford its tuition, she turns to her affluent parents for help. They demand to be a part of Rory’s life in exchange for her tuition payments and the Gilmore circle is then complete.

This show then follows the combined and individual paths of both Gilmores as they navigate the troubled waters of adulthood, college, finances, love and the drama that comes along with all of it. These two-caffeine dependent, pop-culture referencing, fast-talking women get through the toughest hurdles that life has to throw because they have each other and because they believe in each other.

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Isn’t that what womanhood is all about?

Isn’t that what womanhood is all about? – being the wind beneath some other woman’s wings?

The show also has a prominent feminist angle and showcases these two women as fiercely independent and in charge of their lives. The show features strong female role models in general who empower young women everywhere to go after what they want.

For example, Lorelei Gilmore – who built a life for herself, by herself all while raising a newborn and taking on a job. She evolves into an entrepreneur and successful business owner as a result of her determination and perseverance.

Rory Gilmore – Who takes after her mother in terms of her determination to get what she sets her heart on. She keeps up her stellar academic record while dealing with the complexities that life throws at her.

Sookie St. James – Lorelei’s best friend who toughs out the initial years working alongside her best friend only to co-own her business with her after believing in her dreams and turning them into a reality.

The show is chock-full of so many more empowering female characters that instil the values of hard work, perseverance, faith and motivation into the minds of the audience and viewers. The strong headed mother daughter duo themselves are enough to motivate viewers to go after their dreams and manifest their goals. They urge young girls to take on society without the fear of being judged and going against societal misconceptions to take full control over your life.

The seven-season long sitcom is heartwarming and hysterical, yet it will still tug on your heart strings. The consistent use of the girls’ humor throughout the show will never fail to surprise you.

In my opinion, Gilmore Girls is the perfect show to binge with your family and is a great watch for everyone. It is a heartwarming, coming of age series that teaches women to tackle problems head-long and to always treat roadblocks as stepping stones in the path of life.

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