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While We Learn To Live Better, Are We Also Learning How To Die?

When we live we are actually also learning to die, peacefully, without regrets or remorse. We all face death at some point in life, ours or our loved ones. If you are going through a loss, these pieces of advice may help you face death with mindfulness.

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Shantala Massage: India’s Ancient Infant Massage Technique

The author writes about the ancient Indian massage technique called the 'Shantala Massage' and talks about how it strengthens the bond between a mother and her child.

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baby crawling
Watch Out! My Baby Has Started To Crawl!

Babies can be magical when they start to move on their own and explore the world around. But it also means that they are in danger, and you need to make it safe for them.

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6 Handy Hacks For Hassled Parents Who Want To Travel Abroad With A Baby

Want to make that overseas trip but worried about taking your baby along? Here's help. Use these handy hacks and enjoy a comfortable and happy trip.

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Are Indian Women Treated As Human Beings? Through The Eyes Of A South American Woman [Part II]

Indian women and their lives are a mystery to western woman. Here is a look at the life of Indian women through the lens of a South American woman.

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Do Indian Women Have Any Sexual Rights? Looking At This Through The Eyes Of A South American Woman [Part I]

The author, a South American, tried understanding the sexual rights of Indian women, as an outsider to the culture, on her trip around the subcontinent.

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