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Shantala Massage: India’s Ancient Infant Massage Technique

The author writes about the ancient Indian massage technique called the 'Shantala Massage' and talks about how it strengthens the bond between a mother and her child.

The author writes about the ancient Indian massage technique called the ‘Shantala Massage’ and talks about how it strengthens the bond between a mother and her child.

Everybody loves a good massage as it is relaxing and makes us rejuvenated. In my case, when someone gives me a massage, I close my eyes and leave the chaos of this world. Sometimes it even makes me cry.

Why not try this expression of love with our kids? We can use the healing power of our hands on our babies´ tiny bodies and express our deep love. Create the atmosphere with some music or sounds of nature, place a blanket on the floor and a little pillow for his or her head. Rub from head to toe his/her miniature body which is soft and without any life scars as yet. Use a natural massage oil to caress the tiny back and feel how his body reacts to the circular movements of your fingers.Take his hands and feet and rub them carefully, knowing that this contact will have positive effects on him. Every expression of love, every hug and every kiss will ensure that your baby will grow happily.

I know it sounds cheesy, but the truth is that love is the key to success. Nothing can go wrong if it is done with love.  A French doctor called Fréderik Levober saw these Indian massages which are the ultimate demonstration of love from a mother to a baby. Levober witnessed these during a trip to India. He saw a mother in the streets of Calcutta giving her baby a massage. I picture him approaching to see what was it about, asking the mother about something  which was so ordinary for her but exotic for him.

Her name was Shantala, a name that was also given to the Goddess Parvati- the goddess of power and energy. Shantala, this goddess incarnated as a mother, explained the French doctor her simple method to empower her baby, with the contact of her hands and the demonstration of pure love.

The idea of this type of massage is to cover every inch of the baby´s body and make him relax. When you finish, it is best to give him a bath and then he will be ready for a good night’s sleep.

The movement of your hands should be circular in opposite directions, that is both hands working at the same time and covering the entire body.

You should massage on: The face, the chest, the stomach, the hands, the arms, the legs and the back.

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You can copy all these steps but you cannot duplicate the sensations of the mother and the baby. Each mother and baby is unique. This type of massage can be of great help in the process of discovering each other and understanding one another. Enjoy every minute with your baby.

Image Source: Facebook/Body Restoration

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