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Why Do Some Women Become Judgemental & Toxic Post Marriage?

After her wedding, a usually liberal cousin of mine seemed to have become incredibly judgemental. Here are my thoughts on this behaviour.

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Dear Chandni, Why Didn’t You Choose A Man Who Treated You With Respect?

This feminist take on Chandni explores why she chose Rohit's insecure affection and patriarchal family over Lalit's genuine and open-hearted love. 

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The Law May Allow Us To Stay Single But This Society Won’t!

After reading an article about a woman who was being forced to get married, I started wondering if we really have that freedom.

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For Every Girl Who ‘Keeps The Family Honour’, That Anxious Week Before Valentine’s

Why are we girls the the keepers of family honour? For us Valentine's Day becomes a time of intense scrutiny and suspicion from families.

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I Am An Educated Woman Yet All My Parents Want Is For Me To Get Married

The same man who parties with the elite circle of my home town every week lectures me everyday on 'how to be a good wife.' All he wants is for me to be married!

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