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When I Was Young I Was Scared Of My Strict Father, Today He Is 90 And I am His Friend & Confidant!

My father never got us expensive gifts like other dads. He didn't take us for trips. The relationship of fear turned into a beautiful friendship as he grew older. Now I crave to spend time with him.

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Relationships At Stake In Lock-down Ludo

Adulthood is already complicated and messy, and the lock-down situation makes you want to pull your hair out. We’re off to unravel our next Ludo adventure.

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He Was Constantly Suspicious Of His Wife, Until One Day…

As the frame and glass shattered, a phone beeped loudly. Her phone. It beeped again. He picked it up and checked it, there were a couple messages from Raj.

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Amazon Prime’s Modern Love Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Sweetness And Light Romance

With stories revolving around topics like divorce and bipolar love, Modern Love is a series that shows various kinds and shades of love.  If you are tired of cynicism, if you need some stories of sweetness and light, then Modern Love is for you. It reminds you of a lot of the movie Love. Also […]

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The Addiction Called The Daily Newspaper

Having no newspaper to read would do so much damage to my personality.

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