Relationships At Stake In Lock-down Ludo

Adulthood is already complicated and messy, and the lock-down situation makes you want to pull your hair out. We’re off to unravel our next Ludo adventure.

Adulthood is already complicated and messy, and the lock-down situation makes you want to pull your hair out. We’re off to unravel our next Ludo adventure.

Covid19 is possibly the  biggest health crisis of our time. While governments instate draconian lock- downs to control the surge in infections, I’m experimenting with cooking, writing and reading in these trying times. Pizzas and pastas are now cooked at home by yours truly. There is social media too, but you are skating on thin ice in the presence of your spouse.

Everyone is looking for emotional release during a lock-down. So when someone on our extended family group suggested we play Ludo King online, we were sold. I was especially glad because of the possibility it would take my mind off online shopping. Initially we started to play daily, once in the afternoon and once at night. Soon we got addicted – we began waiting for that ‘holy’ time of the day.

Battle ready for ludo 

Players are on a first come first serve basis. Our group comprises of different ages and sizes. The family’s uber competitiveness invokes the feeling of a battlefield. It’s like a sentimental family drama, running out of breath with some of its ambitions realized.

Emotional blackmail always works on hubby, but never whilst playing Ludo King. In his race towards the finishing line, he forgets the pledge he took some decades ago to protect and care for me. With his natural zero-sum approach towards the game, I have serious apprehensions about his commitment towards me. “I must add some more almonds in his diet”, I make a mental note to myself. But on second thought, would that enable him to outsmart me on the board?

We are in the midst of a session. My lack of luck ensures I don’t get a six on my dice to start my innings. Others are way ahead of me. Its high time the frog leaps out of the well. “Ek six ki keemat tum kya jano Ramesh Babu.”

Familial doppelgangers

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On the other hand, it rains sixes on my nephew, my sister’s son, and I go “ye haath humko dedo Thakur”.

The less said about my sister the better. This gentle soul, contradictory to her nature, is Kali Ma incarnate here, brutally destroying the asuras.

This other one is my brother; don’t let the grey hair fool you. He is the sassiest and baddest of them all. Forever strategizing on maximum kills, he’s managed to earn the serial killer nickname for a definitive reason. ‘Before you take pot shots at me bro, check my return policy. How dare you flex your muscles at me.’

Not to sound holier than thou, but I avoid killing my niece as she is twenty-five years younger than me. But when she doesn’t reciprocate, I become the devil’s advocate. I rub my hands in glee while I kill her. She calls me Lady Macbeth who wont be able to wash off the smell of blood. I immediately sniff at my hands, which emit a powerful sanitizer smell. Behind that ‘bimbette’ exterior hides an exceptionally smart mind, so full of self-righteousness and critiquing abilities. My brother who dotes on this angel of his doesn’t think twice in ruthlessly throwing her under the bus. Her cries of anger and anguish fall on deaf ears.

Sweet taste of success

The urge to score brownie points supersedes all our relationships. My nephew is racing me to the finishing line. He goes “Masi chill, you have so many points.” Well, who says you cant have more. Every inch of my core screams to him, “you ain’t got it in you to swing this”. Things go downhill for him very quickly after that.

The twists, the turns and the unpredictability continue to add lots of spice. There are nail-biting moments especially towards the end. Finally, I’m in my Mogambo khush hua moment! I realize I seem to be getting super smart with age.

Adulthood is already complicated and messy, and the lock-down situation makes you want to pull your hair out. The Ludo board is where we offload our stress and anger. How boring it would be if we all chirped in unison. Adios! We’re off to unravel our next Ludo adventure.

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