Entrepreneurship and entertainment have been the key themes in her work life. In a career spanning over 18 years, she has launched a film magazine, hosted a film-based radio talk show and co-founded a mobile app based on the Indian entertainment industry. She was heading the Operations at Microsoft Ventures in India for almost 3 years and considers her time extremely rewarding. A pioneer in creating travel with a purpose within the Startup ecosystem, she has launched DigitalDesh for a Hyderabad based startup. It saw her lead a team of four, on a journey by road, along the length of India, covering 24 cities and towns in a period of 30 days. This allowed her to know more about the burgeoning innovation and startup ecosystem and bring out a report on the same and contribute to a Coffeetable Book Currently, she is involved in building the "Hardware Innovation Ecosystem" in India through the platform Innofest (an iSPIRT initiative) which she leads. She is an Advisor at emPower program for Zone Startups which is a Canadian government initiative. She created and led #InnovationYatra, which saw her travel across India from Bengaluru to Delhi by road, covering 17/18 days. She discovered/met 35 hardware startups along the route. This travel saw her go into interiors like Shedbal, Ichalkaranji, Karad. She has been the recipient of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur- India 2008-09 and has represented the country at the International Young Creative Entrepreneurs Program held in London in October, 2008. She has written for newspapers like Bangalore Mirror and others. She has been a contributing author on books like Indian Cinema and Women Entrepreneurs.​

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Here Is How Inmobi Got Its First Funding And How You Could Do It Too

Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to find the dream investor and fulfill their aspirations.

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Bitten By The Startup Bug? Here’s Where And How To Start

If the Startup bug has bitten you and you are wondering where to start, whom to ask and what to do, we have all the answers for you. Get all your Startup related questions answered by experts in The Prathibha Sastry Show 'Startup 101 Series'.

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Connect and Take Off – Startup Events To Look Out For

Startups have become common parlance. News about Startup funding, buy-outs and events are not confined to niche magazines, blogs and forums anymore.

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How To Protect Your Kids Against Cyber Crimes?

Parents please be ware! Social media lurkers are everywhere. Follow possible guidance and help your kids stay safe. 

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Shreya Krishnan, Mrs India Universe On Why Women Need A 6 Month Reserve Fund

Women still trail behind when it comes to using financial products or being paid what they deserve. In this interview. Shreya Krishnan, Mrs India Universe 2018 tells us why we need to give more credit to women.

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5 Enterprising Women Tell Us What It Means To Be Financially Independent

Does having an income automatically make women financially independent? Do they take their own financial decisions or do they still rely on the man of the family, be it a father, husband or brother?

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A Good Rule To Break Down Every Rs 100 In Your Budget Is 50:30:20. Find Out How

How do you make a good, sustainable budget? Fisdom's Subramanya SV tells you about the best way to do that, in a 5-step process.

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Maya app
From Taboo To Tracker – Maya, The Period Tracking App Can Really Change Your Life!

The Maya App for tracking your periods and much else does so much more - it can end up having the man in your life sensitised to all that comes with menstruation!

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Need A Success Mantra? Cicily Thomas Tells Us About Tai Chi

In a stressed out world where inner peace seems an elusive commodity, the ancient art of bodily movement called Tai Chi can help. Cicily Thomas tells us how.

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Live The Life Of Your Dreams: 3 Steps To Your Dream Career

What does it take to have a dream career? This video with Ian Faria, Chief Mentor & Co-founder of TalkTemple and Anupama Gowda, Co-founder WorkBench Solutions tries to answer the question.

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Archana Doshi
Learning From Archana Doshi The Power Of Using Social Media To Create A Business Empire

Archana Doshi has used the web marvellously to create and popularise her brand of food blogging and consulting, making it the empire it is today.

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Manjula Sridhar
Manjula Sridhar Gives Valuable Tips To Stay Safe From Cyber Harassment & Other Threats

Many of us can be soft targets for cyber threats and harassment. Here are some tricks and tips to stay safe that Manjula Sridhar gives us.

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‘Moon And Beyond’: Sheelika Ravishankar & Rahul Narayanan Share Team Indus’ Dream

Regardless of whether they reach the moon, Sheelika Ravishankar shares how Team Indus has inspired many Indians to dream big!

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Sexual Harassment At The Workplace: What Does The POSH Act Say?

What is the POSH act, and how has it put the onus on employers to enable a harassment free workplace? Learn your law here! 

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Interested In Travel As A Career? Lakshmi Sharath Shares The Road Taken

Have feet, will travel! If that's you, this interview with star travel blogger Lakshmi Sharath on travel as a career is totally your thing. 

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Can Women Build Big Businesses? Zhang Yin’s Story Shows How

Very few of the world's 'big business' is owned by women. But yes, women can build big businesses too, overcoming some of the constraints they face.

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Effectuation: Prof. Sarasvathy Explains

Effectuation is a buzzword in the field of entrepreneurship. What is effectuation really? This video explains.

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Should You Self-Publish Your Book? Authors Ushasi Sen Basu & Febin John James Tell Us

Why is the self-publishing market booming and what should you know about it? Get the word on it from authors Ushasi Sen Basu and Febin John James.

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Learn These Simple Steps Today To Arm Yourself Against Cyber Crime

How vulnerable are you to cyber crime? How can we ensure our digital safety on the Internet in this new world of social networks & hacking?

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