Nitika garg

Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing Domain. Has done Women Entrepreneurship fellowship from IIT Delhi, WEE. I occasionally write about women issues, women start-ups, as I relate to them strongly. I am always looking to connect with more people and understand their life story.

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A Digital Detox And 6 Other Ways To Deal With The Problematic ‘Always On’ Mentality

With work from home being the new normal, our 'always on' mentality is hurting us more than we know. Here's what you can do to detox!

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workplace toxicity
How To Identify And Deal With Workplace Toxicity That Can Really Affect You Negatively

Workplace toxicity can be overt or covert, but in all situations it can affect not just your career, but also your mental health.

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How To Improve Mental Health, Especially For Freelancers

This article will shed light on the effects of depression and mental health. Please read further to gain knowledge, self-assess and heal your mental health.

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WFH mom
As A WFH Mom, Here’s How I Survive In The Times Of COVID-19

Since I have been a WFH mom (work-from-home mom) for a while now, adapting to the current situation wasn't that big a deal for me. Here are some tips.

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4 Simple But Brilliant Options For Women In Tech Who Want Restart Their Career

Women who take a break and want to go back to work, the job market is quite often difficult. However, here are a few options for you if you want to restart your career!

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market yourself
7 Tips On How To Market Yourself In This Digital World!

Why would you need to market yourself? And how do you go about it doing it savvily? Here's all the info you need.

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breastfeeding a second child
Breastfeeding A 2nd Child Need Not Be Easy Just ‘Coz “You’re An Experienced Mom”

If you are going in for a 2nd baby, understand that the two experiences, even breastfeeding a second child, might be completely different!

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The Boundaries For Independent Women In So-Called ‘Modern’ Families

Even in so-called 'modern' families, there are strict boundaries on what women can aspire to. It turns out that our modernity is very skin-deep indeed!

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Newsflash! I May Be A Wife And Daughter-In-Law, But I Deserve Some Me-Time Too!

A dilemma that the writer is in, and would like you to answer - having been introduced to feminism recently, she is in two minds about what she should do.

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