Nitika garg

I am an entrepreneur in Digital Marketing Domain, has done Women Entrepreneurship fellowship from IIT Delhi, WEE. I occasionally write about women issues, women start-ups, as I relate to them strongly. I am always looking to connect with more people and understand their life story.

Voice of Nitika garg

In A Digital World, Everyone Needs To Market Themselves; 7 Tips For You To Succeed

Why would you need to market yourself? And how do you go about it doing it savvily? Here's all the info you need.

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breastfeeding a second child
Breastfeeding A 2nd Child Need Not Be Easy Just ‘Coz “You’re An Experienced Mom”

If you are going in for a 2nd baby, understand that the two experiences, even breastfeeding a second child, might be completely different!

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The Boundaries For Independent Women In So-Called ‘Modern’ Families

Even in so-called 'modern' families, there are strict boundaries on what women can aspire to. It turns out that our modernity is very skin-deep indeed!

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Newsflash! I May Be A Wife And Daughter-In-Law, But I Deserve Some Me-Time Too!

A dilemma that the writer is in, and would like you to answer - having been introduced to feminism recently, she is in two minds about what she should do.

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