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Independent journalist writing on/ of north-east India and engaging with women groups in the region.

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Is There More To It Than Meets The Eye In Priyanka’s Un-Finished Memoir?

Priyanka, though an ‘outsider’ in Bollywood- she is one of the lucky few with some privilege - she has her 'Miss World' title to bank on and parents to fall back on.

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Binodini’s Book “The Princess And The Political Agent” Is Intriguing, As She Writes From The Heart

The story of Manipur’s Princess Sanatombi and the colonial Agent Maxwell written by Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi is a gripping account of love, hate, family, power, and politics.

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Why Did North East Women Returning Due To COVID-19 Face Stigma & Maligning?

As people from the NE returned home from the metro cities, they faced a lot of stigma. From moral policing to memes, the women suffered it all.

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Manipuri Actor Lin Laishram Abused & Issued A Diktat On Pointing Out Inherent Racism In North-East

Manipuri actor-model Lin Laishram has received a lot of abuse - when she became an actor- model in Bollywood, when she decided to get married to Randeep Hooda, a non-Manipuri, and now when a video clip has surfaced.

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Moral Policing By Women For ‘Alleged Immoral Acts’ Is The New, Visible Face Of Patriarchy

Moral Policing in Manipur is now seen in a new form of patriarchy, with women as propagators and the medium, a way they seem to have taken out of long suppression. 

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Why The Wife Of A CM Was Trolled For Attending A Meeting In Her Official Home

A recent case of trolling of the Mizoram chief minister’s wife sitting in a 'meeting' reflects a chronic patriarchic mindset of the society at large and the men in specific.

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7 Women Entrepreneurs Of North East India Who Are Doing Big Business

The women entrepreneurs of North East India are very little known outside their own region - we bring you here some truly innovative success stories!

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Why “Who’s Your Husband Or Father?” Is The First Thing I’m Asked As A North-Eastern Indian Woman!

Does a woman have her own identity? Women in the north-east of India are usually identified as "belonging to" either the father or husband, even when educated and accomplished.

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#FreedomIs: Going Back Home On My Own

#FreedomIs going home alone from a party, without fearing for your safety on the streets, or your reputation in the neighbourhood, says this post. Freedom is safety and respect!

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