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Independent journalist writing on/ of north-east India and engaging with women groups in the region.

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Why The Wife Of A CM Was Trolled For Attending A Meeting In Her Official Home

A recent case of trolling of the Mizoram chief minister’s wife sitting in a 'meeting' reflects a chronic patriarchic mindset of the society at large and the men in specific.

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7 Women Entrepreneurs Of North East India Who Are Doing Big Business

The women entrepreneurs of North East India are very little known outside their own region - we bring you here some truly innovative success stories!

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Why “Who’s Your Husband Or Father?” Is The First Thing I’m Asked As A North-Eastern Indian Woman!

Does a woman have her own identity? Women in the north-east of India are usually identified as "belonging to" either the father or husband, even when educated and accomplished.

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#FreedomIs: Going Back Home On My Own

#FreedomIs going home alone from a party, without fearing for your safety on the streets, or your reputation in the neighbourhood, says this post. Freedom is safety and respect!

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