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As A Teen, I Realised I Need To Be Healthy NOW, Not “Fix It Later”

Is healthy eating and living only for older people? A teen writes of how she came to internalise the need to live healthy. 

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Indian Women In The US On Dependent Visas Face A Very Real Threat Of Losing Their Jobs

With the Trump administration belligerent about reducing H1B visas as well as revoking the work permits of dependent spouses, many Indian immigrant wives fear losing their hard-won careers. 

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teenage murder mystery books
6 Teenage Murder Mystery Books And Series For People Of All Ages

So many YA books are extraordinary in that both teens and adults can read them - the themes are complex enough for all ages, like in these teenage murder mystery books.

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spoken word poets
6 Spoken Word Poets; Feisty Women Who Challenge Society’s Expectations From Women

Spoken word poetry is becoming more and more common in India and around the world today, especially with women who wish to make a stand against the expectations set upon them by society.

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Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Is A Sign That Hollywood Is Headed In The Right Direction

Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers - is an inspiration to young women everywhere for the way she dealt with both small and big incidents in her journey.

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resources for desi LGBT
5 Resources For LGBT Desi (South Asian) Young Adults Across The US

Being a South-Asian (desi) and also an LGBTQ+ teenager is a double whammy of being a minority population in the US. Where can they go for help?

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