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Nazia Mallick

Nazia Mallick is the author of a literary novel, "Meshes of Smoke"- (2011)

Voice of Nazia Mallick

Dear Women, We Don’t Need Men To Embrace Our Femininity, And Revel In Its Power!

Makes me wonder why any normal woman should protest when she is praised for her beauty. And how can ‘bralessness’ be symbolic to sexual revolution?

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For All The Women Who Travel And Wake Up Alone In A Strange Town

I came back with truncated nails, tangled hair, a gently singed skin, but with a heart soaring way beyond the bruised horizon of my inner turmoil.

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Married lover
Time To Dump That Married Lover – Don’t Fall, Rise In Love!

He is suave, sexy and makes your heart flutter! But he is also married. What do you do, then? Here is why you really need to dump that married lover!

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possessive relationships
“Can’t You See You Belong To Me?” Being In A Possessive Relationship, Camouflaged As Love

"Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you." This kind of a possessive relationship is toxic, not beautiful. Be warned.

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Muslim women
As A Muslim Woman, Let Me Smash Some Misconceptions That The World Has About Us

There are so many misconceptions about Muslim women, even though the Quran charts out laws that are fair to both men and women in everyday life.

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