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Masroor S

Dentist by day, Writer by night. There are a million stories that need to be told, smiles to be achieved, tears to be shared. Lives to be touched and justice to be served. I wanna help in bringing about change, in my own little way.

Voice of Masroor S

When She Was Told: Men Have Anger Issues, Don’t Take His Abuse To Heart!

Was this what became of her? Would she bring children into this world with a man like that? The bigger question was did she want this life? NO! screamed something from within. She was no weak woman…

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Is A Wife Responsible For Her Husband’s Death?

"You were married to him for ten years. It was your duty to help him overcome his addiction. You failed him as a wife!" This was Maya's sister in law.

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celebrate diwali
‘Yes I Am A Muslim And I Celebrate Diwali!’

I am Muslim and I celebrate Diwali with my neighbours, the most down-to-earth people I've known. People talk about Hindu-Muslim divide. It's politics my dear readers...just politics!

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Though My Husband Drives Me Crazy, There Are Insanely Tender Moments Which Make Life Worth Living!

With all these insanely annoying things he does, are a few adorable things which make me overlook the madness, stop pulling at my hair, and go aawwwhh.

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