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Martha Bodyfelt is a divorce coach whose website, Surviving Your Split, helps women navigate their divorce with less stress and drama so they can move on with their lives. For your free Divorce Warrior Survival Kit, stop by or say hello at [email protected]

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Tired Of Being Around Toxic People? Here’s What To Do.

It takes a herculean effort to be confident enough to speak up and stand your ground when they push back.

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Get Rid Of Your Guilt After A Breakup Or Divorce

Write down the specific things that are making you feel guilty, then neutralize them with the compassion you deserve.

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Post Divorce Or Break-up Jealousy? Here’s What You Can Do To Tackle It!

You recently went through a break up or a divorce. And while your partner hasn't had issues with moving on, you do. Here's why you need not be jealous of them moving on

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The 3 Dangers Of Constant Apologising And How To Get Over It!

"I'm sorry" is one of the things we say a lot. But do you think it affects your confidence and behaviour? Here are a few tips to help you stop saying sorry!

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Bitter After A Breakup? Let It Go! Move On! Here’s How

Dealing with a breakup will definitely leave you a bitter, angrier person. But that doesn't need to be. Here are some tips to deal with life after a breakup

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my ex
I Can’t Get My Ex Out Of My Mind, And I Feel So Angry & Heartbroken All The Time!

Heartbreaks are terrible, especially if thoughts of my ex make me angry, and even seem impossible to move on from. Here are some suggestions to help let go!

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regain confidence after divorce
3 Self Affirming Steps To Regain Your Self-Confidence After A Divorce That Has Drained You

How to regain confidence after divorce? Especially if the divorce has been bitter and draining? Here is how you can do it, in simple, affirming steps.

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Here Is The Secret To Overcoming The Pain Of Rejection In Your Relationship

None of us are immune to rejection. The pain of rejection can overwhelm us. But here is what you need to know to overcome that pain.

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taking care of ourselves
The Secrets To Taking Care Of Yourself When Going Through A Divorce

The pain of a separation or a divorce can make us put taking care of ourselves on the back burner, when that is so essential for coming out of it whole.

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feeling lost after a divorce
Are You Tired Of Feeling Lost After A Divorce? Here’s What You Can Do

It is natural and expected to be feeling lost after a divorce, but you can work with yourself to get back a vision for a happier future.

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reclaiming life after divorce
How To Find Joy And Reclaim Life After Divorce When Your Heart Is Broken

Life does go on after a divorce, no matter how you feel when you are in the middle of one. Here are tiny steps to take to reclaiming life after divorce.

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Here’s How Despite All The Pain And Stress, Divorce Can Sometimes Be A Blessing In Disguise

The breakdown of a relationship can be very painful, divorce more so. But the aftereffects of divorce can also be liberating.

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Check Out These Practical Tips On How To Handle The Grief Of Divorce And Begin Healing

Grief is very real in any kind of divorce, even one by mutual consent. Here are very do-able tips on how to handle divorce grief, and heal.

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How To Handle That Monster In The Divorce Closet

The idea of divorce terrifies you, and you just don't know how you are going to handle anything anymore. Here's help in dealing with divorce fears.

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Is It Necessary To Fight Over That Family Heirloom While Negotiating Your Divorce? Pick Your Battles!

Negotiating a divorce might feel like a minefield, but you need to prioritize over what battles you would like to fight, for your own sanity.

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Marriage Is Not A Time Investment With Guaranteed Returns

If divorce is unavoidable, looking at your marriage as a time investment, especially when it is no longer healthy, serves no purpose but to prolong your suffering.

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Frightened About The Future Post-Divorce? Here Are Strategies To Cope With Those Fears

Divorce can be a very traumatic event, and fear about the future can paralyze you. Here are some strategies to cope with divorce fears.

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Afraid Your Marriage Is Ending? Here’s What To Expect On Your Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

The end of your marriage can be devastating. It helps to know what to expect in case of a divorce, in terms of dealing with emotions.

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