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When You Meet Someone Who’s Grieving, Being Yourself Matters More Than The Colour You Wear!

Wearing white (or black) when we commiserate with someone in their grief is just a man-made convention. Being with them matters more than what you wear!

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Did They Want A Professional Degree Holder Bride Only As A Trophy Bahu?

Why look for a bride with a 'professional degree', if you know she is to kowtow to your patriarchal norms, toe the line, and change herself completely to adapt to your ideas of an ideal bahu?

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“Oh! You Don’t Have A Son? Why Don’t You Have A Son?”

The author has two beautiful daughters and yet is asked about not having a son. That she doesn't want one, isn't enough. Here is why she has no son. 

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And In A Matter Of 15 Minutes, It All Unravelled

She had done all that she could do to keep her boys away from the everyday reality of her abusive marriage. Or so she had thought. Until...

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