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9 Inspiring Indian Sportswomen Who Have Triumphed Against The Odds

These inspiring Indian sportswomen have battled the odds and come out winners, in a country that does not always give them their due.

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Lakshmi’s Story: Women Innovate At This Remote Goodwyn Tea Plantation

This interesting story of innovation by rural Indian women will leave you moved as well as inspired.

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Menstrual Cramps? Here Are Some Effective Remedies You Can Consider

Menstrual cramps can really be a literal pain for many women. There are, however, a few things you can do to decrease them.

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A Few Must Read Books Of Contemporary Indian Women Novelists Who Are Below 25

Contemporary Indian women novelists are making a mark in the Indian literary scene. Here we suggest 5 must read books from novelists under the age of 25. In the past few years, India has seen a boom of young writers. Now, you do not need to wait till you are in your 40s to find […]

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5 Contemporary Indian Romantic Novels, Where The Women Lead The Plot

Here are 5 contemporary Indian romantic novels, where the plot centers around a strong female protagonist. Books, you must read.  In most of the romantic novels, the female characters are always or mostly portrayed as the weak, over-emotional characters whose sole purpose of their lives are to marry and have their husband’s equally beautiful babies, without […]

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10 Indian Movies That Did Justice To The LGBT Community: Movies You Must Watch

These 10 Indian LGBT movies portray the love, longing and struggle of the LGBT community very sensitively. They are a must watch.  Often the LGBT community in India is ‘ridiculed’ and ‘made fun of’ in cinemas. There are so many stereotypes about them, which is not helping the society in becoming progressive and tolerant. But here are […]

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