5 Contemporary Indian Romantic Novels, Where The Women Lead The Plot

Here are 5 contemporary Indian romantic novels that you must read, especially as the plot centres around a strong female protagonist. 

Here are 5 contemporary Indian romantic novels that you must read, especially as the plot centres around a strong female protagonist. 

In most of the romantic novels, the female characters are always or mostly portrayed as the weak, over-emotional characters whose sole purpose of their lives are to marry and have their husband’s equally beautiful babies, without what–so-ever any purpose or ambition.  But here’s a list of books, which does not abide by the same theme.

‘There’s Something About You’ by Yashodhara Lal

Yashodhara Lal

This book is about an overweight, unemployed girl named Trish who lives with her over-indulgent Indian parents in Mumbai. After the long search when she finally finds work, she unexpectedly also meets a hot, charming guy named Sahil. (According to her hot guys like Sahil do not fall for girls with ill-fitted kurtas like her.) An enjoyable romance saga with a number of twists and turns till the end which makes an enjoyable treat to the readers.

‘After All This Time’ by Nikita Singh


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This story is about Lavanya , an ambitious girl who got everything she dreams of until her world comes crashing down when she discovers that she is HIV positive. She then goes back home to her parents whom she has had minimal contact for seven years, especially her father. She also meets an old friend/neighbor who always was there for her and always was in love with her. This book is not a typical girl-meets-boy story rather it goes deep into relationships and is full of emotions.

‘Marry me , Stranger’ by Novoneel Chakraborty

Marry me stranger

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Set in Mumbai , this story is about Rivanah Bannerjee , a young girl from Kolkata who feels on top of the world as she gets her dream job but soon feels a presence of a stalker who seems to know everything about her. This story is very different from the regular love stories as it feeds from fear and uncertainty. All the elements make this romance thriller am un-put-downable book.

‘Almost single’ by Advaita Kala

Almost Single

This book is for all those ladies out there whose mothers and aunts are bugging them to get married.  The protagonist of this book Aisha has a similar life. The 29 yrs old independent, career focused woman loses ground when she meets the drop dead gorgeous NRI Karan. This story tells about an Indian woman’s inner dilemma to not giver up her independence and her traditional values. A good plot with the right proportion of romance and comedy makes this book a delight.

‘Sophie Says’ by Judy Balan

sophie Says

This book is about a Tamil christian girl Sophie, who to shut her family up makes them meet her fake boyfriend Ryan at her cousin’s wedding but the real problem arises when she finds herself falling in love with Ryan. This story is witty and light. Overall a must read book.

Romance novels with a female lead? These five contemporary Indian romantic novels have to be on your TBR list!

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