Lakshmi’s Story: Women Innovate At This Remote Goodwyn Tea Plantation

This interesting story of innovation by rural Indian women will leave you moved as well as inspired.

This interesting story of innovation by rural Indian women will leave you moved as well as inspired.

‘Innovation’ is the buzzword everywhere – in offices, in the media, at conferences and summits… yet, we assume that innovation is the preserve of the well heeled or at least, of those in urban India.

Along the way, we have become blind to the many indigenous innovations, small and large, taking place in every nook and corner of India.

The reality is that Innovation is not a white-collar phenomenon. It is being led by ordinary folk, including women, in every part of this country. But how many of us actually know this? That is why I am bringing you Lakshmi’s story.

There is a kind of innovation that comes from outside oneself, from seeing what others around you need. A head farmer at a tea garden in Tinkharia supported by Goodwyn tea, Lakshmi is one such innovator.

Just to ensure that the tea leaves they pluck everyday retain their freshness and quality, she along with her co-workers took the initiative to package the tea leaves then and there at the tea estate. An idea that came from the ground up was then taken forward successfully. The tea industry is one which has always depended on the work of women, and it is great to see women like Lakshmi who look out to take their work one step ahead,

Of course, Lakshmi hasn’t had an easy life, and she does face challenges many a times, both at work and as a working mother, but what really comes through is her love for her work as well as her community of workers. Her humble background isn’t a hindrance to her inspiration; I realized that no matter where one comes from, it is the desire and the fire burning from the inside that matters.

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Innovation need not be something that only a so-called genius thinks of – rather, it is often from those people who desire to see a change.

Lakshmi’s story is only one of the many such acts of innovation taking place in every corner of this nation.

The decision to package tea leaves right at the estate, has led to better and more diverse work for the community, besides resulting in a fresher product for tea drinkers like you and me.

Go ahead and check out some of the fine blends at Goodwyn Teas packaged by Lakshmi and her fellow workers!

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