Livia Sarai

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Livia is a convinced feminist and passionate traveler who loves to write. After speding a long time in India, she started writing for the women´s web.

Voice of Livia Sarai

The Beauty Of Faith And The Horror Of Religion

"What I do not need, and I'm sure, is a religion that gives me its opinion of the right path.That may change in the course of my life". The author examines her faith and the ambiguity of religion. 

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An Ode To Masturbation – 3 Reasons Why Time With Ourselves Is So Important

Today I want to talk about sex. Sex with ourselves. I want to talk about female masturbation, which often seems almost nonexistent and is handled in a completely inadequate manner.

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Why The #MeToo Movement Should Avoid Intersectional Discrimination

The post examines as to why the #MeToo movement took so long to reach India and how it should be inclusive in the true sense.

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Feminism Must Reach Out To All The Affected Women

Feminism is a global movement and its not only women empowerment it's also against capitalism and sexism and now it's high time to address this. 

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Let’s Talk About Sex! The One And Only Guide On How To Do It

Sex is a beautiful thing when both partners have an equal say in what they like and want, and what they don't. If only we talk about it, though, says the writer.

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