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An Ode To Masturbation – 3 Reasons Why Time With Ourselves Is So Important

Posted: January 8, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

Today I want to talk about sex. Sex with ourselves. I want to talk about female masturbation, which often seems almost nonexistent and is handled in a completely inadequate manner.

It happens that many people still haven’t recognised that women too are sensitive and sexually excitable beings. Masturbation appears to be a topic that is still very unpleasant for many; although the opposite should be the case.

Here are three reasons why.

1. Masturbating is one of the most beautiful, most intimate confessions of love to yourself

Everyone should take their time with themselves regularly. There is so much joy and pleasant feelings you can give yourself. Only you can feel what you feel when you get touched; therefore no one can touch you as well as you do.

Love for ourselves is important and so is the care. We should allow our bodies those beautiful feelings, no matter if we are alone or do have a partner.

2. Your sex life will thank you!

It’s a well-known rule – the better you know yourself, the better the sex will be. Only those who know what they like and want can communicate that.
On top of that, when you masturbate, you increase self-confidence in dealing with yourself. At every level you and your sexual partners will thank you!

3. Last but not least – Masturbation is the best way to relax!

Regardless of all the advantages, it is simply beautiful.
We all do it, some more often, others less so. It gives us relaxation in our everyday life as well in dealing with ourselves. And after an intense, self-controlled orgasm, everything appears so much easier.

Masturbation is still a big taboo topic, especially for women. But there is absolutely no reason to hide it. The best time with yourself should not be a cause for shame – on the contrary, we should be more than happy about it.

Women are, unlike men, multi-orgasmic. This means that they can experience several orgasms and satisfy themselves over and over again. In no other situation can you live out your fantasies that well and nobody’s gonna touch you the way you do.

So there’s hardly a better way to reward yourself and simply have a good time.

Don’t delude yourself. You do it, you love it. And that’s good!

Top image is a scene from the movie Lust Stories

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