Khyati Tuli

Often accused by her friends that she's that curious bug (जिज्ञासु) who has to know everything! She works as an IT professional and loves to learn new things, listen to beautiful and soulful music, read, sketch, swim and explore this lovely life! She's here to share her varied experiences and insights with you; sometimes too obvious and at times circuitous! She writes about Life!

Voice of Khyati Tuli

Will You Overlook Or Weave The Mess?

The griefs only accrue, but it’s always up to you...You either overlook & suppress, or simply weave the mess...

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Taking For Granted

I remember one chilly Monday morning, when my cold and running nose suddenly blew. My spec’s frame and lenses were on the floor, Lying separated, due to its broken screw. Usually my closed eyes would worry about “future” and care to think about my “present” much less. What an amusing irony, that my wide open […]

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Pen & Paper : A Love Story

A beautiful expression of the love between the two who cannot survive without each other.

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The Rainy Nights

The surreal feeling of the rain drops falling on your head as you get wet in rainy nights.

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Dealing With Jealousy In Others And Within

Jealous jellies privately and quietly waits for you to fail at something really trivial.

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The Pain Of Rejection

Its okay to feel bad about being rejected, but its important to bounce back quickly, embrace your truth, and focus on what life has for you in store!

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